The society of 2017 moves at a much faster pace than any other. With the invention of computers and automation, we’re capable of accomplishing more than we ever have before. The downside to this is that it often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Luckily, like everything else you could possibly conceive, there’s an app for that. Plenty of them, actually. Here are 7 apps and websites that are pretty much guaranteed to help you be the healthiest you can be so that you can conquer whatever this crazy life throws your way.


One of the key elements to optimal health and brain function is making sure that you stay hydrated, Almost everyone knows this, yet plenty of people end up experiencing mid-afternoon headaches because they haven’t ingested any liquid since their morning coffee!

Waterlogged is a health and fitness app for Apple (compatible with the iPad, iPhone, Apple Health, and even your FitBit!) that tracks your daily water consumption and reminds you to drink more when you haven’t had enough. It’s extremely user-friendly and, though there are premium features available for purchase, it’s free. Learn more by clicking here.


Maybe it’s because we’re working longer hours and piling more on our plates than we ever have before, or maybe it’s just because we have easier access to people and information now – Either way, it’s no question that mental health is a big concern for people nowadays. Whether you’re just looking for something that’s going to help keep your life moving at the pace it is now or you want to step up your game when it comes to life goals and mental health, Mindbloom has you covered.


This Apple app comes in handy for goal setting, helps you cope with your anxieties, can reduce your stress and is just really accommodating when it comes to the overall maintenance of your own mental heath. It comes with a ton of incredible features and can be customized to suit your individual needs. Check it out.


Ideally, we’d all be able to do our work out in the country, surrounded by nature and all of its calming, picturesque glory. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get that luxury and end up trying to draw inspiration from the sounds of the city instead. If you’ve always thought that your next great idea was waiting for you on a mountain top or by the ocean, you’re going to want to make sure that Nozio is in your app arsenal.

Designed to help you increase your productivity by helping you relax and concentrate so that you can focus on whatever you need to, Noizio comes with multiple different sounds to accommodate your ever-changing mood. It’s also awesome as a meditation tool. Try it here.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a premium application but, if your job requires you to do a lot of writing or editing, it’s more than worth the investment. The editor was designed to help you make sure that everything you put down is powerful, simple, and easy for your reader(s) to understand. On more than one occasion, having access to Hemingway Editor has been compared to having a professional editor at your fingertips at all times.

It’s available for all platforms and has received glowing reviews from The New Yorker. See if it’s right for you by clicking here.


Apps that help us become more productive are great and all, but it’s the ones that turn productivity into a game that are really handy to have. I mean, who doesn’t want to turn their actual life into a game where they get something every time they accomplish a task? There are plenty of these types of apps out there – arguably one for each type of personality – but Forest is one for any environmentalist at heart.

You plant and grow trees by remaining on task for however long you need to. Once you’ve set your timer and planted your tree, you’re deterred from checking your email or social media feed until your task is done because if you happen to leave the app while the timer’s running, your tree will die and your forest will suffer. It can be used on almost any platform, so you can play from almost anywhere.


Even if spelling and grammar aren’t a factor when it comes to your regular day job, there’s a good chance that you use social media, send emails, and/or comment on blogs. Grammarly is a free application – supported by multiple platforms – that checks what you write for mistakes before you send it off. If you use it as a Chrome plugin, that vetting happens in real time almost everywhere you would need it.

If you decide you like the free version, you’ll probably love the premium version. Check it our here.

Panda Focus

Panda Focus was designed to help you organize your life. With this app, you can put all of the websites you need to pull information from in one place. Then, instead of using your usual browser and being tempted to check your social media because ‘it’s right there’, you can grab what you need in one handy and convenient place.

It lets you open multiple sites in one tab and there’s even a to-do list feature in case you need an extra push. Get it here.

With these seven tools on your side, you’ll have a more productive, healthier and happier life in no time. What tools do you use to make sure that you can keep on top of life and all of its responsibilities?

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